Architectural Design Awards

Third Prize: Futuristic City Yilong, China. Global International Competition, awarded third prize out 1048 International Entries. Creation of unique cellular automata algorithm that automatically designs a city according to big-data and top-down directives. In collaboration with architect Dr Davide Lombardi, architectural assistants Chenke Zhang, Hao Wu, Chaohui Yang. November 2017

Finalist: Kleemann Elevator testing tower, offices and factory, Invited competition, winner, preliminary study, Kunshan, China, November 2015

‘Selected Award’ Shortlisted out of 120 competitors, Interior Architecture Design Co-working spaces Shanghai, AIM-competition, with Adventurous Architecture, August 2015

Third Prize, Urban & Architectural Design Competition Central Square ‘Kapnergati’ in the city of Kavala, Greece, in collaboration  (50%) with TRP architecture- Architect Nikos Soulakis, February 2008

Second Prize, Urban Design Competition in  Central Square, Kilkis, Greece, Participation as special collaborator in 3d representation and Graphics, in collaboration with Architects Mitsoni Katerina and Athanasios Polyzoidis, July 2007

5th Biennale of young Greek architects
the architectural study ‘Multiunit Housing in Asvestohori, Thessaloniki’, Athens Greece, December 2007

First Prize, Architectural competition for the study of an athletic stadium in Thessaloniki in collaboration with “ANCA Architects”, Dr. Castro E, Antoniou A, Kassios A and Tsopanoglou G, March 2003

Second Prize, International student competition “Balkan city-Stage for the 21st Century” Multimedia centre in Thessaloniki, Ιn collaboration with Kassios A and Tsopanoglou G, September 2000


Academic Awards

Honorary Research Fellow, Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China. Department of Architecture, on the basis of collaborative research work with members of the university. 2017

Nominated, ‘Outstanding Teacher’ ‘ Innovative Teaching practice at  Xi’an JiaoTong – Liverpool University’ nominated by year 2 studio students, 2017

Nominated, ‘Outstanding Teacher’ ‘ Innovative Teaching practice at  Xi’an JiaoTong – Liverpool University’ nominated by year 2 studio students, 2016

Winner, Backbone Scientific and Education talents 2015, Suzhou SIP Nominated by the University for prominent contributions in Teaching and Research, 36.000RMB per year, 2015

Winner ‘Innovative teaching practice at  Xi’an JiaoTong – Liverpool University’, Teaching development fund project ‘Digital sketching as a generative system’ nominated by the year 4 students and colleagues, jointly with colleague Dr A.B Spaeth, 2015

Named ‘Urgently Needed Talent’ by Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Award Programme, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China. Duration one year, 42.000RMB/ 4.200GBP per year, 2013

First Prize for most Creative Architectural Design and Second Prize for most creative structural Design, Co-Awarded with Students and colleague Dr C.M.Herr in the International Earthquake Safety Design Competition IDEERS, Taipei, Taiwan ROC, September 2012

‘Young Caadria Award’, CAADRIA 2007 conference: “Generative Systems based on animation tools: Structure and Form of core ideas in Architectural Design” paper published in the proceedings of CAADRIA 2007, April 2007

‘Ivan Petrovich Award’ runner-up for 2nd best presentation by a young researcher. eCAADe 2006 Conference: ‘Communicating Space(s)’ – Presented paper on generative systems for production of alternative designs from a given design, September 2006