Varna Library

Our proposal  for the Varna Library is conceived as a prism of light. The first two floors condense the social programme of the library allowing for multiple entrances. the functions are then stacked above around a central L shaped atrium. Light from above and through the facade floods the building allowing for maximum reading comfort. The book storage unit is wedged as a closed volume on the northwest side, supporting the density of services and offices above.

A central corridor is created between the northwest and southeast sides on the ground floor allowing for traversing the building on foot at all hours. The same corridor also connects the event spaces with the main lobby, and the cafe area. Intentionally kept low the library has a facade of varying diamond shaped openings according to the light and thermal requirements of each space. As a white prism the library responds to the context by assimilating the colorful facades of the surroundings in the glass railing in the atrium.

Architects: T.Dounas

Associate Architects: S.Bissoonauth / Wei Liu

Png image from Rhino.

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